Thursday, January 3, 2008

Why I like College Football

Right now there are a lot of people upset that several NFL teams rested their starters during the last week of the season. The Houston Texans had their first season winning as many games as they lost when the Jacksonville Jaguars decided not to play their starters. The Colts, Cowboys, and Buccaneers lost winnable games in order to better prepare for the playoffs.

Meanwhile, with the BCS and lack of playoffs, college football did not have that problem. November games in college are for a bowl birth- so a 7 win Indiana team is playing Purdue as if their life depends on it to honor their late coach with a bowl birth. Instead of resting for a sure fire playoff game, top college teams played all of their starters in dramatic fashion. So West Virginia may have lost to Pitt, but they did it at full strength.

Meaningful regular season games mean that the regular season is the playoffs in college.

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