Sunday, January 20, 2008

Championship weekend picks

San Diego (-14.5) at New England- If the game were at San Diego, and the Chargers were at full strength, the Chargers could win. If New England had spent the season running their running backs into the ground, the Patriots could lose. But none of that has/will occur. So New England wins. I have no clue if they'll cover- I'll say yes. New England by 15 or more. I'm bad at this anyway. Thank goodness no one is reading this.

New York (-7) at Green Bay- Why do people live in Green Bay? It's so cold so much of the time. I went to Winnipeg, a city in the prairies of Canada in October, and it was in the 40's most of the time. The city is below freezing from December thru February. And people say things like, "It's fine- I can leave the car at home and skate to work." That's crazy talk. And you never want to fight crazy people, you don't know what they'll do. Green Bay (only crazy people live there) will win by more than 7 points.

Please remember- the difference in talent level on NFL teams (and in playoff teams who make it this far) is so small, that one of these games will be close. Evaluated individually, I can't figure which one. But one of them will be.

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