Friday, January 11, 2008

Playoff picks

I may be the worst football prognosticator ever- and I am definitely one of the worst when you consider I have been a fan all of my life. But somehow, last week I got all 4 games right. This week, I'll try picking against the spread:

Seattle (+8) at Green Bay- This reminds me of last year's Seattle at Chicago game. I justdon't think Seattle has the horses to win this one, or cover the spread.

Jacksonville (+13.5) at New England- Everyone is questioning the Patriots, and they do not like that. And they have been saving their running game for the playoffs. Jacksonville is good, but their coaching staff got lucky with clock management last week. They burned their last time out on a challenge they were sure to lose. New England covers.

San Diego (+9) at Indianapolis- I don't like the Colts, so no commentary. Colts will beat the spread.

New York Giants (+7.5) at Dallas- Why don't they make all spreads some derivative of 0.5? Then there would be no ties. Dallas barely beat the Giants twice this year. Even without a healthy TO, Dallas wins, but doesn't cover. Why aren't the sports pundits talking about a gimpy Plaxico Burress- he was in better shape when the Cowboys and Giants played both games, too.

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