Sunday, January 13, 2008

Links - January 13, 2008

Here's a few links to make you think:

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite writers and thinkers. Born and raised in Canada, he has a different perspective on American life and thought. He is a curious person, who manages to write with authorative certainty about ambiguous subjects. Here he tackles the logic behind the college admission process, and our concept of fairness:

Who ever thought that morality could be hard-wired in our brains? Or could have a scientific basis? Why, Steven Pinkler, of course:

Remember in 2004 when Bill Cosby got in trouble for saying Black people make poor economic choices; while Barack Obama became a viable candidate for president for saying the same thing at the Democratic Convention? Let's forget the fact that context dictated the responses, let's instead look at how an economist (Ray Fisman) looks at the consumption patterns:

A great list of unhealthy foods with juicy, unhealthy commentary. Hat tip to Houston Clear Thinker's Blog- Mr. Tom Kirkedall:

I'm an occasionally frustrated doctor who doesn't mind patients who research their own symptoms and diseases. Thye have a lot more incentive to find the right diagnosis and treatment than I do, while I have more expertise. But the old profession ain't as professional. From Mr. Kirkendall once again, this NY Times piece:

Heck, here's his blog:

And finally, from Kevin, MD (a health blog)- a post about how I can make more money, work less, and provide better patient care. So how much of a moron am I for not doing it? Or am I a decent human being for seeing a higher volume of people- meaning moe of the community gets care? Reference the second link to find out.

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