Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cartoon Wisdom

The movie Ratatouille has been on heavy rotation here at the house. Anything that makes my nearly 3 year old son sit still is like God himself has bestowed an 84 minute blessing on my family. Plus, I like the movie, too. I like the fact that the movie is not just regular kids fare, but it also has good character development, a plot, and a message ("anyone can cook").

One line from the movie resonates with me (please note the poor segue way- I'm not a good writer yet). During food critic Anton Ego's review of the rat infested, 5 star Gusteau's Restaurant, he commented on his job and responsibilities as a critic. I'm misquoting here, but here's the gist of the line:

The average piece of junk is worth more than the criticism designating it so.

I blog. I spend a chunk of time criticizing columnists or policy makers. I don't make much of anything original, but I criticize those who do. I listen to sports talk where dorks like me complain about quarterbacks and wide receivers who don't like getting pulverized by 250 pound heat seeking missiles called line backers, when they were too chicken to play Pop Warner football. As a medical students, we got used to presenting work, only to have a more experienced clinician systematically break down the holes and flaws- as if we were fully tenured professors. It's much harder to create something than to judge it. That's why there's millions of bloggers, columnists and commenters. But few original thinkers

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