Friday, February 19, 2010

I miss Carl Landry

The funny thing about following a team is that you get attached to people who you barely know. The funnier thing is that you get excited about draft picks 2 years from now. So my second favorite Rocket got traded for a 6 foot 6 swingmand who can drop 20 ppg while letting his man score 15 ppg, an 6 foot 10 unproven rookie who has talent and "upside", a draft pick in 2012, and Jared Jeffries' ghastly contract.

Oh yeah, and T-Mac is gone.

It's a good deal, and most people would agree that you have to give up something to get something. But as a fan I can't get over losing Carl Landry. He was a classic hustle guy/tweener who was greater than the sum of his parts. But as a Rockets fan, you have to be happy that the team has a better defensive low post presence (Jeffries) some length and athleticism (Jeffries, Martin, Hill and Armstrong), and an efficient scorere (martin). I watched a lot of games where the pre-game lay-up line looked like JV (Rockets) versus Varsity (Bulls, Knicks and Suns- who were a LOT taller than the Rockets). There's a reason the team is wearing down now.

Also, T-Mac is gone. Lotta talent and a lotta hertache. I hope he does well- he may have screwed the Rockets over last year (OK, he did screw the Rockets over), but he did a lot of charity work he never got credit for, and he went to Darfur to point out that genocide is bad. So it's not like he's Satan's spawn.