Saturday, June 2, 2007

Taking a shot at shots

The anti-vaccine crowd is at it again. Although it is a known fact that there are side effects to vaccines (some of them serious or even fatal), vaccines were the leading health breakthrough of the 20th Century. I'm OK if you say antibiotics are the leading breakthrough. Either way, my generation did not have to deal with polio hospitals. Between my parents and in-laws (4 people total), 3 of them lost at least one sibling to an infectious disease that is now vaccine preventable. Simply put, the risk of taking vaccines is much lower than the risk of living in a vaccine free world.

Which makes me ask the following:
1. Since people die from peanut allergies, why aren't these people trying to get peanuts banned?
2. Do they really think drug companies ("Big Pharma") are really out to kill people with shoddy products? I mean, doesn't that lead to fewer people to purchase drugs?
3. A lot of people worry about "drugs" but not "natural" or "alternative" medications. Why don't they think that "natural" medications can have side effects?
4. Aren't bacterial and viruses natural?
5. Why don't "alternative" practitioners willing to do their own double blind/placebo controlled trials? (My guess is if they do a "scientific" study, they will be doing what they oppose, namely putting science over intuition and tradition)
6. Have you ever seen a pill, capsule, or gelcap in the wilds of nature? Me neither.

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