Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bad news sells

Baytown, TX is a community east of Houston best known for its many refineries and myriad of odors. This week, 2 groups of teenagers from Baytown made the front page of the Houston Chronicle:

6 who stole a car and ended up in a wreck near some dangerous train tracks (4 died)
5 who wrote and performed a play about the lynching of Emmitt Till in the 1950's (and won a national award)

Of course, the kids who stole the car got front page headlines 3 days and articles on the first page of the City/State section, while the budding thespians got one front page and a page 2 City/State mention. The worst part is:

I read more of the kids in the stolen car stories than the playwrights. Dang it!

It's hard to be righteously indignant about not promoting good kids when I pretty much fall right in line without being prompted. I should blame others, but, um, well, it's my parents' fault!

When you ask why the news shows more tragedies and crime stories at the expense of feel good stories, check your own habits (but not mine).

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