Friday, May 25, 2007

Poor memories

I am thankful today that I am not as talented as LeBron James. The man can't win for losing. First, he makes a difficult pass to a wide open Donyell Marshall (who looks a lot like Ludacris It turns out it's LeBron's fault that Donyell missed the shot.

The next game LeBron has the nerve to miss the game winning shot. He followed that up by not complaining enough about getting fouled on the play. Larry Hughes, who missed the follow up shot, is not at fault. Everyone complains that Jordan would not have let his team lose

To sum up:
1. LeBron should've shot the ball in Game 1.
2. He should've passed or made the shot in game 2.
3. He should complain like a spoiled baby.
4. Jordan is God.

The same media guys complain about guys like Kobe who don't pass, bad officiating, and whiny prima donnas. They also forget that Jordan was a me-first, no title having Nike salesman his first 7 seasons. Can they pass a law making writers research their toic before spewing nonsense about people's character and will to win?

And how many media types can hit game winning shots on the Pistons?

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mquigley said...

Thanks for posting some intelligent commentary on LeBron and his playoff experience this season. I agree that the sports media, including some former NBA athletes, conveniently overlook the fact that Jordan didn't achieve nearly the success that LeBron did (from a playoff standpoint) this early in his career. Jordan's "killer" or "winning" instinct was swamped by the fact that he didn't trust or involve his teammates in a way to gain meaningful contributions from them (see: Kobe Bryant). As a result, guys stood around watching Jordan fire up shots and lose playoff series. In fact, Jordan and the Bulls got over the hump when he started making passes to wide open teammates like Craig Hodges, BJ Armstrong and John Paxson (remember that Phil Jackson brought two key strategies to the Bulls that helped them win - making Pippen into "point forward" to initiate the offense, and involvoing Cartwright, Longley, Grant, et al in the offense in the beginning of games to establish a viable low post threat). For LeBron to be criticized for passing out of a double team to an open teammate (who is also the team's best 3 pt shooter) is laughable. To compare his playoff performance unfavorably to Jordan is a myopic look at Jordan's playoff history.