Sunday, December 16, 2007


Why are football coaches vermin if they break a contract early, but owners and college administrators are OK if they fire the coaches?

Why do fans get upset at players who change teams for more money when fans change jobs for...more money?

Why are steroids in baseball more horrible than steroids in football?

Why are people upset about Medicaid not covering people, when what they pay doctors and hospitals is so low that most of us try to avoid Medicaid to stay in business?

Why don't comedies win Academy Awards?

Why is negativity easier than positivity?

Why is it so hard to string 3 decent sentences together?

Why is the NBA suddenly so much better than it was 10 years ago? (answer- more foreign players)

Why is the presidential campaign 2 years long?

Why is a beautiful woman a snob if she doesn't talk to every dork that comes along?

Why do people kill people in the name of a benevolent God?

Why does beer smell so much better than it tastes?

Why not?

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