Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Meaningless" Bowl games

I am the last person in America who likes the bowls. All of them. I like the fact that Florida Atlantic, BYU, and New Mexico all finished their seasons with a post-season win. But this post is specifically about one of those games.

The Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl pitted a disappointing UCLA team that had just fired their coach ad was using their 4th string QB against BYU- who happened to be on a 9 game winning streak. Both teams played with the sort of intensity you see when my 2 year old wants THAT COOKIE. Guys were making diving catches, big time tackles, and occasional brain farts. BYU's captain got hurt in the first half, came back in, and got hurt again. He waved to the crowd to say thank you for their cheering in a classy move. Several UCLA players also played valiantly with injuries. It was a hard fought, well played drama. UCLA had a chance to win if they could kick a field goal at the end. They drove from their 2 yard line to the BYU 10. On the last play- UCLA's kicker- who had made 2 50 yard field goals, lined up for a 30 yard chip shot.

And it was blocked!

The BYU players that got to the kick put up the ind of Herculean effort you see in an action movie. The BYU players ran out on the field, jumping and hugging. UCLA's captain cried like he lost a national championship. For a meaningless bowl- it sure was great theater and meaningful.

Long live the Bowls!!!

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