Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Love thy neighbor...

A local man shot and killed 2 people who broke into his neighbor's home. He called 911 and told the operator he was going to shoot the robbers. A plain clothes policeman was in the area, but he did not identify himself and witnessed the shooting.

Now everyone in Houston is upset about this incident. Some folks are mad that the neighbor may face murder charges, others are mad because he may not face murder charges. I just have a few thoughts/questions:

1. If you can shoot people who break into neighbor's homes, how far away is someone's house to call them a neighbor?
2. Would people get upset if the neighbor missed and hit an innocent bystander?
3. Why do local minority activists rally around criminals shot by white people, but not criminals/innocent people shot by minorities?

I'm in favor of a full investigation by a state or federal internal affairs office (the municipality n question has a poor history regarding police work in general). If the neighbor broke the law, he should have his day in court. In general, we shouldn't shoot people unless our lives are in jeopardy. The risk of hitting an innocent bystander increase when untrained persons are shooting at moving targets when they are nervous or in an excited state.

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