Thursday, December 20, 2007

The NBA is back

In case you haven't noticed, the NBA has gotten a lot better over the last few years. Yesterday had 4 good close games- Houston/Orlando (Yao vs. Dwight Howard), San Antonio/Memphis (Rudy Gay's coming out party- no pun intended), Dallas/Phoenix (the 2 most recent MVP's going at it for conference supremacy in the West), and Boston/Detroit (Mr. Big Shot- and former Celtic- Chauncey Billups comes up big AGAIN in Boston over the BIG 3). I mean, did you catch any of that? You better.

First, the local game. Yao and T-Mac have done so much for the community. they do all kinds of fund raisers, open up new businesses, and travel the world to help the poor and down-trodden (T-Mac went into Darfur to help bring attention to the genocide there. But these 2 admirable men have not led Houston to a playoff series victory. So the locals are disgruntled. Last night we got a visit from the Magic. Orlando's big man- 20 year old Dwight Howard, is proof that evolution is still occuring in a positive manner. Their new $126 million forward Rashard Lewis (a former local HS player who skipped college) was also on display. The Magic won, the Rockets and their fans keep grumbling.

And that Boston/Detroit game. Playoff level intensity, clutch shots, good throwback uni's. i can't discuss this rationally....just bleeping great. Did I mention 'Sheed vs. KG? Or RIp Hamilton going toe to toe with the Truth (Paul Pierce).

Wow. And tonight has college ball with Pitt/Duke and Bowl season starts. I feel like John and Jeremy in Wedding Crashers at the start of wedding season. Baba Ghanoush!!

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