Friday, July 20, 2007

Sicko moment

With apologies to Michael Moore....

A particular health insurance company has been the bane of my existence. They lost my paperwork when I enrolled. Their physician payment rates are lower than anyone else's, unlike their stock price or bonuses to their executives. They have been hosing patients, too- increasing payments and having inconvenient "glitches" causing them to lose money in their HSA accounts.

Then when they said I could get paid to see their patients, they entered the wrong address, phone number and Tax ID number, so they could not send any payment for 3 months. Then, they denied payment on some claims because we did not submit them properly (with address and Tax ID number matching their database) within 90 days. According to our calculations, this company owes my office at least $10,000.

But here's the kicker: this week, they actually mailed me a bill.

Yep, they claimed to have overpaid my office for one claim, so they want a refund. Insurance company "X" has gone from underpayment, to denying payments, to charging payments when doctors see their patients.

On a related note, the same company was going to fine doctor's offices $50 every time one of their patients was sent to a non-contracted lab.

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