Thursday, July 5, 2007

an excuse to say Vince Young

The best thing about the last week in June is that the COLLEGE FOOTBALL preview magazines come out. I can not remotely talk about the upcoming season because by the time I've read the 3rd magazine I am convinced that Rice will make a bowl game.

Oh wait, that happened last year.

This years Athlon guide did just that in two good articles. One is about the details that go into play calling for an offensive coordinator and staff.

The other, a review of the top 40 recruits in 2002. Out of those 40, only 2 were first round draft picks (Haloti Ngata and some guy who couldn't make the Texans "team"- VINCE YOUNG!!!!!!!). More than half of the players did not get drafted at all. Injuries, better players and legal problems catch up to a lot of people, including gifted athletes. Just a good look back at the experts predictions.

Oh, and Vince Young did turn out to do well in the NFL, too.

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