Monday, April 23, 2007

Writing is difficult

It is amazing how hard it is to write an intelligible, entertaining post. I've written about 4 that I haven't published because, well, they sucked. I do a pretty good job of speaking- being entertaining yet informative. When I try to write the same thoughts out- the dots don't connect just right. Here's why:

1. I can use voice inflection when I talk. Without proper use of emoticons, you can't replicate that in black and white.

2. I can use my body (facial and hand expressions) while talking. I'm doing it now while writing, but the visual impact is diminished without a webcam.

3. I can get my words out faster talking. I think faster than I type. That leads to missing a few thoughts to get my point across faster.

4. I never shut up as a kid. I got a lot more practice talking than I did writing. That's why was a great listener. Or maybe he was just sleeping.

5. I think in bullett points. That's great for powerpoint or lecturing, but it makes for a lousy narrative. What if Shakespeare and mark Twain just left 5 take home points instead of writing in the vernacular? The Cliff's Notes people would be unemployed.

I'll keep trying this writing stuff. My goal is to achieve readability

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