Thursday, April 19, 2007

NBC should have said no

I realize that everyone (present company included) is extra sensitive in the wake of the recent tragic shootings. That being said, I strongly disagree with NBC's decision to publish and air video from the shooter.

First, it helps turn the shooter into a type of anti-hero. He viewed himself as a persecuted soul who could do a heroic work by sacrificing himself and others. Unfortunately, there are others like him who feel the same way and can now feel encouraged while watching the video. Second, he wanted to show the world his views by killing people, then having his video aired. If you are a mass murderer and you want to speak from the grave, send your thoughts and images to (fill in the media related blank)......

I just don't think we should honor the shooter's wishes, and NBC did just that.

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Frank said...

I agree with the premise, but unfortunately, as this blog demonstrates, anyone can get heard. If it wasn't NBC, it would have been CBS or Fox or al Jazeera, whatever. I was thinking today about how far this guy got in life without someone stopping him. When I saw my 3 year old playing and making kind-hearted and loving comments about something, I surmised that the killer likely never did that as a child. This killer has been ill and anti-social for years, I am sure. I wonder how much his traditionally reserved Asian upbringing contributed to letting this pathology go unchecked. Mental health is not an open topic in most Asian cultures, and I'm sure it was even more uncomfortable to address as imigrants. Unfortunately, this will add to ignorant attitudes towards the largely hard-working and admirable Korean-Americans who are truly great citizens.