Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello, Cleveland!

A few thoughts from tonight's Rockets/Cavaliers game:
1. Suites are nice, but overrated. When they're free- they're underrated.
2. Chuck Hayes is much more valuable than Shaquille O'Neal.
3. I'm really glad no one has told LeBron he is a lousy 3 point shooter.
4. Delonte West is more valuable than Shaquille O'Neal.
5. NBA officiating is very interesting. Both teams got some strange calls. 6 techincals? Really?
6. Anderson Varejao (sp?) is a sneaky, flopping, cry-baby. Who is a danged good rebounder and teammate.
7. The Rockets are glad Shaquille starts ahead of Varejao
The Cavs were beaten in Memphis last night in overtime. I watcheed the game, went to bed, and went to work. I was getting tired near the end of tonight's game. The Cavs came out like they were tired, and they shot and moved like they were tired. Back-to-backs are hard. But they Cleveland front line crashed the boards and stayed in the game with good effort and good bench play. Delonte West bought, sold, rented, and owned Kyle Lowry. Just abused him. But Shaq's interior defense was so brutal- he and Big Z just didn't have the foot speed to be effective in the paint. It'll be interesting to see who they trade the artist formerly known as Shaq to before the deadline.

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