Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why the Texans stink

I live in the Greater Houston area, which means I have to watch the Texans. It's pretty easy to miss how the Texans have fallen from 2-1, with the one loss being a close one against the Colts, to 3-5, with the win coming on a 57 yard field goal against the (embarrasing) winless Dolphins. A lot of people blame the running backs, the line, and the stunning number of turnovers (11 in 2 weeks).

I blame a lack of depth on the offensive and defensive lines. The O-line is made of various cast-offs and low round draft picks. The D-line is made of first round draft picks- the cream of the crop.

They are the foundation of any football team.

The Texans offense was hummng and going initially- until Steve McKinney (center) got hurt. The running game fell apart, which meant that defenses could key on the passing game, which meant that people had trouble getting open, which meant that they don't keep the ball, which means the defense is ALWAYS on the field. Which leads to tired defensive lineman that can't tackle or sack anyone because they are getting more and more tired as the season wears on (and it is wearing on).

Now the local papers talk about the new fangled running backs playing poorly and all world receiver Andre Johnson getting hurt. And the turnovers. But the root cuase is the lack of depth in the offensive and defensive lines.

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