Thursday, September 27, 2007

My new favorite Cowboys

I am a huge Dallas Cowboy fan. And the 3-0 start has me full of confidence and smugness that only Cowboys fans (and Yankees and Laker fans) can have.

But I'm rooting for the Oklahoma State Cowboys!!!!! First, they get horse-whippped by Troy. Then they give up 700 yards of offense to Texas Tech, win by 4, and the coach doesn't even bring it up during the press conference. Instead, he belittles and berates a female columnist for saying that his newly demoted, heavily recruited second string quarterback is a mama's boy with a glass jaw. And the Texas Tech defensive coordinator gets fired. That, my friends is excitement!

Although Coach Gundy (who I've followed since he was the OSU quarterback in the 80's) was wrong to publicly berate the columnist, and wrong for not saying what was inaccurate about her story, and wrong for ignoring his own team's exciting victory; he was dead on about defending his player. While Texas Tech coach Mike leach fired his Defensive Coordinator (effectively saying,"It ain't my fault"), Coach Gundy put his stones on the table for a back-up quarterback who has been very disappointing at best. I bet his players play hard for him. They know that when all else fails, coach will embarrass himself and sacrifice himself for their benefit. If you don't think an 18-23 year old doesn't appreciate that kind of loyalty, go to a gang riddled neighborhood and see what those kids do for each other in the name of loyalty.

Coach Gundy was wrong to go off like that, but anybody who will go to bat for a second team player has some good in them.

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