Friday, August 24, 2007

FIBA- Las Vegas!

As a true NBA fan, I have been watching the FIBA America tournament. I've missed wathcing the game, and with all of the Tim Donaghy stuff, it's just nice to just enjoy the game.

Now, the international game is different. In the NBA, Michael Redd is not more important than Tim Duncan. But with the widened lane and shorter 3 point range, it's a different ball game. Other nations do not have a slew of coordinated men 6'7" or more, so the international game emphasizes spacing, good pick and rolls, and moving the ball around by passing. This greatly contrasts with the NBA's 1 on 1, dribble game.

So this year, we got different players to fit the international game. Kidd, Kobe, Redd, and 'Melo are getting it done. I put this link up here to show how many NBA fans forget this is a different game. It doesn't matter if Stoudemire and Howard score from the low post. It does matter that 'Melo and LeBron are scoring in the paint- to open up long range jumpers for Redd, Chauncey Billups, Deron Williams, and Mike Miller.

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